Colors for 2017

Graphic Design, Product Design

Designsoul Palette 2017

Here it is! Our new palette for 2017.

A substantial part of the design process is choosing colors. Designers call this the CMF, the Color/Material/Finish specification of a product. Sometimes this takes more than two days for a product. Car companies even hire full-time staff to develop their colors.

To make things simple for our clients we have a set of preferred colors. These simply work the best on the products we develop, and produce striking combinations. These shades are very subtle and carefully selected from over 1,000 colors. Every year this set is updated.

Some of our preferred colors for this year are Sulphur green, Mars red and Oxford grey.
For striking combinations, our favorites are Wan blue + Grenadine red and Royal Blue + Solar Yellow.

And remember, a color’s neighbor is its friend and its opposite is its lover.

I look forward developing more products this year and implementing these striking colors!